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The visit of the sleep disorders center for the study of sleep for one night, a new experience for you. Spending one night in a sleep disorders center is not like spending one night in the hospital. You may imagine that you will Tnom in full equipment and screens room, a medical team will be watching you all night; but that is far from reality.
You have to look at it like to sleep in a hotel or at a relative's house. The room, which is furnished by Stnom room in particular. They contain a safe Remember, as you can control the lighting as you want.

Sleep is a complex process, during which many of the physiological processes occur in some pathological cases. In order to understand your sleep and any problems that may occur through it, we need to monitor some physiological indicators during sleep, where they are monitoring the following indicators: brain waves, muscle movements, breathing through the mouth and nostrils, grunting, rate and irregular heart rate, leg movements, Sadr's movement and the diaphragm, the rate of oxygen in the blood and the rate of carbon dioxide from the body to expel. To control these functions, put some metal discs on the head and the skin using an adhesive, in addition to a flexible rubber belts will be placed around the chest and abdomen to monitor breathing. It will prove a small plastic tube near the mouth and nose to monitor breathing. The oxygen level will be measured via a clip on the fingers. All previous tools is painful, it is also specifically designed to be as comfortable as possible.
In the control room, all of these specialized technical devices are going to run in this area. You will be able to roll during sleep, and sleep in a situation that is more comfortable for you, as if you were at home. You will be able to call the technician through a microphone at any time during the study. All this process is strictly confidential to maintain patient privacy.

At bedtime to avoid the following:
• beverages containing caffeine (tea, coffee, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Alhukalath), the second time after noon.
• Avoid sleeping for short periods during the day (siesta).
• Before coming to the sleep disorders center, wash your hair and dry it in order to facilitate the paste operation.
• Pack a small bag of things that you might need during the night you will be staying, such as: drugs, toothbrush, toothpaste, pajamas and a towel.
• If you have special needs, please advice to the team at the center of sleep before starting work to be able to help you.
What will happen when you arrive at the sleep disorders center?
You will be asked to come to the sleep disorders center between the seventh and eighth pm. When you arrive will be the waiting room of your sleep, then you can sit down to relax or read. Before bedtime, the technician will prove wires and electrodes necessary to monitor your sleep. The technician will wake at six o'clock the next morning, and if you want to wake up before then please tell the technical before the start of the study.
If the study shows that you are suffering any breathing problems during sleep, the technician may wake you up from sleep to use a device that delivers air under positive pressure, where the air is pumped through a mask that fits over the nose. Typically Mainaakec your doctor the possibility of using this machine in the clinic.

Analysis and interpretation of the study of sleep is a complex process. Sleep consumes from 800 to 1,000 sheets of information, and the process of analysis you need a lot of time and effort. Therefore, the results of the study will not be ready immediately (after the end of the study directly), but your doctor will extract and analyze the results, the doctor will discuss the results and treatment plan when your presence to the next appointment. Here we would like to remind you that the art will not deliver you the results, can not be discussed during the phone call.